Play keno on mobile

How to Play Keno on Mobile

The long-popular modern form of the ancient Chinese game Keno can be played on smartphone or tablet. Despite the many different versions of the game created by various software developers, the basics remain the same.

The game itself is very easy to learn, so the following advice on how to play keno on mobile devices aims to help players make the most of their experience. As with all mobile and online gaming, quality, dependability, and player security are of the utmost importance.

Convenience is another matter that should be taken into account. This would include download and instant playing methods, as well as options of playing for free or for real money.

Mobile Keno Basics

Keno gameplay should be familiar to anyone who has played lotto or other lottery-style games, because that is what it is. The most basic way to play keno on mobile devices involves selecting numbers, submitting the ticket, and waiting a few seconds for the results.

Once the player has launched a version of the game in browser or using an app, they will need to select numbers from those on the virtual ticket by tapping them. Players often choose 15 numbers from the range between zero and 80, although players are usually able to choose as few as four numbers, or as many as 20.

When the player has finished selecting their numbers, they would select the play button to submit and play their ticket. The winning numbers, produced by random number generators, will appear on screen, and the player’s selection will be compared with the results to determine winnings.

Before starting to play keno on mobile devices, players should also be aware that different betting and ticket options are usually available. Not only are players usually given a betting range from which to choose, they can also play straight tickets, way tickets with multiple bets, and combination tickets.

Straight tickets are a good introduction to the game, while way and combination tickets offer experienced players a way to try various strategies.

Download and No Download Mobile Keno

Players can play keno on mobile devices by downloading apps or by launching games in browser.

Apps are generally only available to players with Android and iOS devices. Some players prefer to download apps, where possible, because apps usually offer a bigger selection of games as well as streamlined services.

Playing in browser does not require a download, but does need an active internet connection. The Flash versions of the games are usually compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry, and other devices.

Mobile Keno Features

Before players commit to play keno on mobile, they should check which software provider powers the game they intend to play. The features of mobile keno really do depend on the quality of the software.

The versions released by reputable developers offer HD graphics, ambient sound effects, easily navigable game controls, and playing action that runs as intended.

A Classic Game on Mobile

When players play keno on mobile devices, they are playing the most up to date form of a game with ancient Chinese roots shrouded in mystery. Some have speculated that the game may date to the Han Dynasty, where it was developed as a fundraiser to support war efforts.

Chinese immigrants took the game to the USA in the 1800s, where the pictograms with which it had originally been played were replaced with numbers. The game soon became a staple at race tracks and in casinos, and its continued popularity meant it would survive into the digital age with mobile and online casinos.